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Amanda Antico, 
Managing Director, Corporate Partnerships

Amanda serves as the Managing Director of Corporate Partnerships, where she leads development of partnerships with mission-aligned organizations, seeking to grow their talent pipelines and enhance existing employee skill sets. Drawing upon her more than 25 years of career experience, as an organizational development strategist and consultant, Amanda brings broad expertise to Minerva partners, whether for student engagements or professional learning programs.

Prior to Minerva, Amanda founded, co-founded, and led multiple social-impact organizations, including two public benefit corporations (PBCs). She has a deep, abiding confidence in what happens when young talent joins forces with innovative economic enterprises to drive societal change. She is a master teacher, mentor, and consultant, having helped thousands of individuals and scores of companies aspire higher, then pursue their goals with discipline and purpose. Amanda teaches at the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania and most recently served on the Board of The Nationals Youth Baseball Academy in Washington D.C. and the Leadership Advisory Council at GWU.

Amanda earned her doctorate in social entrepreneurship at George Washington University.