of leading companies report that they invest continuously to improve employee skills.
-IBM Skills Gap Report

Building Talent Pipelines

Minerva students bring global perspectives, adaptive mindsets, and practical knowledge to organizations of all types and sizes. Beginning in their first year, undergraduates engage in term-time and summer work with partners across private, public, and social sectors.

Through co-designed programs, from research labs to innovation hubs, partners provide students with valuable professional experiences, while their organizations benefit from inexpensive individual and team-based project work which is aligned to their strategic objectives. As students develop their skills, the value they provide increases in kind. Minerva students are also uniquely prepared for remote work opportunities because of their daily experiences with self-directed assignments and classes in Forum?, Minerva’s virtual learning environment.

These professional engagements with students ultimately allow partners to identify exceptional prospects and to establish a highly-skilled, culturally-savvy talent pool.

Accelerating Existing Talent

Minerva designs and implements a range of customized Professional Learning & Development programs for employees at all organizational levels. From established courses to customized curricula, partners can provide continuing education to develop skills and deepen knowledge in a variety of critical areas, including understanding complex systems, managing biases, data-informed decision making, and digital transformation. Ongoing training of this kind can be a powerful tool for attracting, retaining, and improving high-performing employees and leaders.

Programs & Courses

Managing Complexity

This foundational course in Minerva’s Professional Accelerator curriculum imparts practical tools and frameworks for complex leadership challenges in competitive business environments. Learners gain insight into the systemic and behavioral complexity inherent in modern organizations, from team dynamics and customer relationships to the characteristics of successful leaders. Course material is derived from actual partner examples and relevant industry case studies.

Managing Complexity

Supplementary Focus Courses provide greater depth on specific topics and leadership skills:

  • Systems Thinking and Adaptive Organizations
  • Behavioral Science for Leadership
  • Leading Innovation for Impact
  • Data-Informed Decision Making

Enhancing Individual Learners

Graduate studies offered by Minerva Schools at KGI provide individuals and small groups with rigorous learning opportunities that are created with working professionals in mind. All Minerva post-baccalaureate courses, including degree and certificate programs, are conducted remotely via Forum, with no travel or residency required. Top learners attend from around the world to advance their careers and gain indispensable skills for the modern workplace.

Programs & Courses

Master of Science in Decision Analysis

This 21-month, part-time graduate degree program focuses on developing a combination of crucial skills for professionals in various fields. Its blend of data analysis, decision science, and business curriculum promotes improved decision-making and complex-problem-solving capabilities in the most driven professional learners. For more, visit Minerva Schools at KGI.

Ethical Applications of Persuasive Communication This ten-week certificate course was developed to improve the persuasive quality and veracity of written communications. Learners gain practical skills for the development of various types of writing with the power to influence and alter behavior for the benefit of society. For program information, contact info@minerva.kgi.edu.

If you recognize the transformative power of education for individuals, organizations, and society, Minerva is your premier program partner.

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