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Engaging Learners

Beginning with first principles, we systematically designed a methodology that draws on decades of research into learning, comprehension, recall, and crucially, transfer: the ability to apply concepts learned in one context to novel domains. The resulting approach incorporates best practices for teaching and learning, facilitated by an advanced educational platform called Forum?.

Enhanced Learning Environment

The Minerva model is built to enhance learning through three interconnected features—Fully Active Learning, Cross-Contextual Scaffolding, and Systematic Formative Feedback—facilitated by the Forum educational platform.

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Advancing Instruction

The quality of instruction is critically important to any learning experience. In the Minerva model, instructors are rigorously trained in the practice of Fully Active Learning, with an emphasis on tracking learner engagement, progress, and specific educational outcomes.

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Defining Skills

All Minerva academic programs are based upon a broad array of mental tools and frameworks. These Habits of Mind and Foundational Concepts (HCs) underpin curriculum, course, and lesson design, as well as the ongoing evaluation of learner performance. Every program is built from a collaboratively defined set of these components and structured to reinforce them over time.

Habits of Mind and Foundational Concepts

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Collaborating on Design

Every institution and organization is different, with learners at different stages, and with distinct learning objectives. The Minerva team works closely with partners to tailor program design for specific learner groups, from secondary school students to undergraduate, masters, and Ph.D. candidates to professionals at every career stage.

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Improving Outcomes

The strength of the Minerva approach is its emphasis on improved learning outcomes. This is achieved by first establishing the intended outcomes, then consistently reinforcing them throughout the curriculum design and assessment process. Coursework introduces the key concepts and continues to refer back to them, building competencies over time and enabling the transfer of learned skills to unique situations.

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To offer new learning experiences, or enhance employee talent, Minerva will work with you to define your goals and design a program accordingly.

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Building the Intentional University

For more detail on our approach, read Building the Intentional University: Minerva and the Future of Higher Education (MIT Press)

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